Managing Water Quality the Nebraska Way

The short videos below are a quick introduction to monitoring and managing nonpoint source pollution in Nebraska. In just a few minutes you’ll learn how nonpoint source pollution is defined and the ways we are dealing with related water quality challenges. Four videos are dedicated to the specific issue of nitrate.

What is Nonpoint Source Pollution?

Why Manage for Nonpoint Source Pollution?

Nitrate in Nebraska: The Basics

Nebraska’s Nitrate Challenge

Nitrate and Human Health – Nebraska WAVES

Managing Nebraska’s Water Quality for Nonpoint Source Pollution

Managing Nebraska’s Water Quality for Nonpoint Source Pollution – explore how management differs between surface water (rivers, lakes), groundwater, and drinking water.
Rust-Stained Pivots – What story can they tell? The phenomena of rust-stained pivots may indicate low nitrate levels in the underlying aquifer. Look into this research and how redox reactions may explain this phenomenon. See the related story map at

Learn more and take action

An overview of the importance and process of testing your private well in Nebraska for nitrate

Test your drinking water

Learn about maintaining your household drinking water well